InfoNgen Tour

Here’s a video walk-through of a very powerful tool for investors called InfoNgen. The founder, John Mahoney, who you may remember from a WallStrip episode, just posted this tour of their latest version on his blog:


In this show, I demonstrate the free version of InfoNgen, a high-end feed reader/web discovery tool targeted at financial professionals and corporations. InfoNgen automatically tags and classifies every story from inbound RSS feeds or other textual sources IN REAL TIME, providing a manageable way for professionals to discover content across tens of thousands of unique sources.

Topics Include:

  • the limitations of current RSS feed readers
  • the advantages of a core tagging engine
  • Signing up for a free InfoNgen account
  • configuring content widgets on the InfoNgen Home page
  • navigating the InfoNgen Feeds page for more detailed discovery

It looks like a very useful tool that’s right up my alley (RSS and finance). I hope to start playing around with it in the next few days.