April 25th 2011 Market Recap, Money Magazine, and Silver Top?

Excited to share that StockTradingToGo was featured in Money magazine’s May issue! Details at STTG. 😎

A low volume, low price action day for the market today so nothing major to report.

Silver though had a very interesting session. After a volatile day of claiming fresh highs then reversing, Silver closed just above even. Note though this doji close came on record breaking volume. This could signal a rest is coming up for Silver or perhaps even a long term top. This will have to play out over the next week or two but worth noting.

Lastly, Netlfix (NFLX) reported after the bell and while its growth was very impressive, forward guidance was a bit shaky and thus the stock is down close to 5% after-hours currently. Should be interesting to see if this effects the market futures tomorrow AM.

Trend Table
Trend Nasdaq S&P 500 Russell 2000
Long-Term Up Up Up
Intermediate Up Up Up
Short-term Up Up Up

(+) Indicates an upward reclassification today
(-) Indicates a downward reclassification today
Lat Indicates a Lateral trend

*** I’m simply using the indices’ relations to their 200, 50 and 10-day moving averages to tell me the long, intermediate and short-term trends, respectively.