Survey Results, Feedback, and Q&A

Thank you again to everyone who participated in my speed survey last week! There is a lot of great stuff to go through so first off, here are the results from the first three questions:

Survey Results

How do you currently receive your updates?
Top Answer – 51% – I visit the website for my updates

How many market recaps do you currently read each week?
Top Answer – 71% – I usually read every recap of the week

How have you enjoyed market updates since I (Blain) took over the site in February?
Top Answer – 52% – They are similar to how they were when Mike was posting

It is great to see that 71% of you are usually reading all the recaps each week and are enjoying them! Over a quarter (27%) of the surveys were filled out by new readers from the last few months which is also great to see.

Questions & Answers

Moving onto open ended responses, there were lots of great ideas, suggestions, and overall feedback. The good news is, many of you are enjoying the site. Great! As far as your questions, here are some answers:

Q – Can you do more specific buy/sell recommendations, stock setups, and individual stock picks?
A – In short, I would love to but simply do not have the time. TraderMike is just one of several websites I operate at the moment but we will see what happens down the road.

Q – What does your closing phrase, “stay frosty” or “Keep it frosty” mean exactly?
A – The phrase is actually from a popular game, Modern Warfare 2. It can be translated to “stay sharp”, or “remain alert”. I love it because in the stock market you never know what to expect. If you are not on your game at all times, the market will get the best of you. Vice, stay frosty out there! 😎

Q – Can you open up comments for individual posts?
A – I leave comments closed at the moment mostly because it is too time consuming to moderate for spam (even with spam guard). Also, I feel bad when I cannot reply to a comment, question, or overall participate in any discussion that starts up. However, you are always welcome to email me.

Q – Will Mike ever come back and randomly post?
A – Mike is a rockstar and is always welcome back to guest post his market thoughts. I do keep in touch with Mike. He is alive and doing well!


Feedback wise, nearly everyone had something nice to say and there were tons of encouraging comments. Thank you! The feedback also put forth a variety of great ideas and suggestions. Lets hop into it now:

Feedback – I love the short and concise posts, keep it up! *Great!*

Feedback – Please add more in depth commentary and market analysis. *Bummer! Any way we can bring you on board with the short posts camp? Less commentary = more charts.*

Feedback – Please cover more sectors, trends, what’s hot. *I love tracking the hottest trends! Right now I keep everyone up to date on Commodities but I will try and make an effort to cover more of the market trends. All depends on time.*

Feedback – Always include charts. *You go it. I promise to never, EVER, forget to include a chart with a market update… ever ever…*

Feedback – I suggest, incorporate a look at a long term monthly chart (like 10 or 20 years long) of the indexes about once a month or when you feel relevant to gain true and clear perspective of where the market is at. *I like this idea. 10 – 20 years out may be a bit lengthy, but 1 – 5 years could be pretty useful. *

Feedback – You shouldn’t force your blogging style to be like Mike’s, like you shouldn’t force your trading to like someone else’s. They can be similar but you can put your own flavor on it. I like the additional charts you occasionally add for other tickers. *A good reminder. Ironically enough, part of the reason Mike allowed me to purchase the site (yes, allowed) was because our analysis styles were so alike. So honestly, what you see overall is me. I would say if anything Ive kept the format closely related to Mike’s (quick notes, indices charts, moving averages updates)*

Feedback – I like the charts of NAS, S&P and DOW (although I don’t really care for Dow). I’d like to see you guys have like a Trading Tip every day – so I can learn something new about TA. Thanks. *I will take this as you would like more education. Please read my other blog, StockTradingToGo. Stock education is all I cover over there :)*

Feedback – I don’t particularly like the formats graphs are in (bar charts) and would prefer candlesticks, if at all possible. *I respect your opinion but have to stick with HLC (high low close). Much easier on the eyes. Keeping things simple is what I do.*

Feedback – Please always post a chart of the S&P 500. Mike always did this and I liked it. *I always post the NASDAQ as it is the leading index at the moment but I will keep this in mind and try to post the S&P 500 more often. As long as no one bugs me about posting the DOW!*

Thank you again to the 100+ readers who took the time to fill out the survey. I really appreciate the feedback and look forward to providing more great insight and integrating your ideas moving forward. Stay frosty out there!


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