November 3rd 2011 Stock Market Recap

For those seeking a clear, to the point summary of the European crisis at this very moment should look no further than this excerpt from Michael Krieger (hat tip ZeroHedge):

“Nothing has changed and absolutely nothing has been accomplished…”

November 2nd 2011 Stock Market Recap

Nothing major for the market today as Greece remains in focus with its lack of support for the latest band-aid which includes a 50% haircut to bond holders. Mastercard (MA) beat earnings and jumped 7% to close at fresh 52-week highs but that’s about the extent of the excitement. Volume was light across the board.

October 31st 2011 Market Recap

The market retraced some of its steps today as questions surrounding Europe’s plan began to unravel.

The S&P 500 lead the declines with a -2.47% showing. Volume was lighter across the board.

October 27th 2011 Market Recap + 26 Stocks to Watch

A massive session for the market as Europe has come to an preemptive agreement to patch its crisis for atleast another year. This coupled with unexpected GDP growth reported here in the US propelled the markets higher. Both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ closed up over 3% on big volume.

October 26th 2011 Stock Market Recap

With Europe hogging all the headlines today the market started shaky but rebounded late to end in the black. A lot of this upside movement seems to be all due to speculation that Europe is going to be finalizing a big 1 yr+ band-aid here soon. We’ll see if the speculators are right.