October 4, 2006 Stock Market Recap

I can sum up today with one word — UGH!!! Comcast did it to me again. I spent the first 90 minutes of the session trying to get my cable modem to stay connected. I’m starting to feel like this is a vast conspiracy. The last time I had connectivity issues was a day with […]

Comcast Does It to Me Again

Once again I come into my office and see blinking lights on my cable modem. This is really getting old! My connection had been extremely reliable for a long stretch, so long that I decided to dump my land line (and my backup ISP).

Have I Mentioned That I Hate My Cable Company?

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Damn You Comcast (Remix)

The other day I mentioned that I was having trouble with my internet connection. It seems like I’ve had the same problems with my cable modem every summer for the last 5 years. I’ve been convinced that heat was a factor somewhere along the line. I’ve tried aiming a fan at my modem and blasting […]